A List of 50 Things To Do Outdoors This Memorial Day

A List of 50 Things To Do Outdoors This Memorial Day

It is going to be beautiful, so why sit inside on your phone all day? Get out and enjoy your three day weekend with loved ones. All ages can participate, the kids don't always have to be the ones having all he fun.  If you can accomplish even a third of this list, I guarantee your weekend will be better than expected.

1) Have a picnic

2) Make ice pops

3) Go to the park

4) Climb a tree

5) Look at bugs

6) Plant a flower

7) Make fruit salad

8) Feed the birds

9) Go swimming

10) Draw with chalk

11) Look at the clouds

12) Hang an American flag

13) Mave a lemonade stand

14) Fly a kite

15) Make a mud pie

16) Catch a butterfly

17) Play with pets

18) Take pictures of pretty scenery

19) Go camping ( I mean glamping)

20) Blow bubbles

21) Go roller skating

22) Make a slip-n-slide

23) Play tag

24) Try to find a birds nest

25) Skip rocks in the pond

26) Take a walk

27) Go to the beach

28) Read a book under a tree

29) Look at the moon and stars

30) Make your own bouquet of flowers

31) Play frisbee

32) Go to the farmers market

33) Build a tire swing

34) Run through the sprinkler

35) Watch the sunrise

36) Make leaf prints

37) Have a BBQ

38) Go for a bike ride

39) Fly paper airplanes

40) Roast marshmellows

41) Go for a run

42) Play hopscotch

43) Eat ice cream

44) Go hiking

45) Jump rope

46) Have a water balloon fight

47) Go fishing

48) Watch the sunset

49) Go sailing

50) Have fun!


I hope you have taken some of these ideas into consideration for your extended weekend. Take advantage of the weather, before you know it it'll be snowing again!

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