Latest Trend: Flower Beards

The gods of Pinterest and all things trendy have teamed up to manifest the latest trend for this summer: flowerbeards.

The putting-things-in-beards trend was pioneered earlier this year by Pierre Thiot and his bizarre "Will It Beard" tumblr project, but it appears that his flower beard picture was the inspiration for many other hairy copycats. Settling into the new floral lifestyle, men across the globe are decking out their facial hair with colorful living gardens.  For more information on Pierre visit his website , but for now, lets get back to the flowers. From a few stragglers here and there to a full blown chin of flowers, everything has been done. 

On a boring day during this summer get out and put together a flower beard of your own. It may be harder than it looks, but it will definitely rid you of your boredom. Of course, and the amazing photos you will take for your epic Instagram post!